I'm Gabi!

I'm 23 and I live in Rio de Janeiro!


I studied Fashion Design at Senai CETIQT-RJ.  I started my professional career in   2017 at Stampa Studio, a surface design studio based in Rio de Janeiro.

My 3 years of work in the studio allowed my creations to be featured by notable brands in the Brazilian and global markets, not only in apparel, but also in the stationery and home decor segments.

Want to more about me?

Keep reading below!


The journey to find my own signature showed me that I love to inspire people and celebrate life with my creations.   

Experimentation is a crucial part of my work and my inspirations often come out of the creative process itself,  exploring different perspectives and giving the world a new reading through the use of colors and organic shapes.  

Here are some questions so you can get to know me better:

Favorite things to paint?

No doubt that foliage is my favorite!  Whether tropical, classic,  delicate, exotic, large or small, there is always room for one more leaf!

What programs do you use?

The programs I use the most are Procreate on iPad to paint and Adobe Photoshop to finalize and/or create patterns.  But I also use  Illustrator a lot for fonts, vectors and big projects!

Favorite painting techniques?

Right now, I'm developing most of my work through digital media, but I do love to paint with gouache! My favorite surface to work on is paper!