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The world has opened

[EN] Here we are. Immersed in our own little giant individual Universe. So obsessed with our own pain. So hopeless of a future that seems more peaceful. The problems seem too big. The walls too high.

In the midst of all the chaos that inhabits a restless mind, remembering the things of the world, of each one of the seven billion people on Earth and knowing that we are not alone is a comfort. It can be lonely at times, yes. We can feel alone. But with a little effort in looking around us, it becomes clear that, deep down, we are all so alike. We face the world and face similar stories. With similar fears. Similar joys. And similar desires.

And then something big happens. In this connection, we see that helping each other, we managed to make our trajectory a more receptive, calmer and more welcoming space. We have the power to change our reality and of the people we love. And the best of all? Our ability to increase this circle is infinite - well, almost.

Why instead of loving less and less, don't we dare to love more and more, better and better? Would the way to healing - or at least relief - from our deep pains be the love shared between us? I venture to say yes. That we have this chance, this destiny. We just need to let it happen.

From experience, letting others see, little by little, beyond the gates of our home does us more good than harm. Believe it.



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